K - Draw an amino acid

Using the applet, draw the skeletal structure of the neutral form of proline.
  • To draw a bond or a cycle, select by a click the element in the horizontal bar of the menu, then put it at its correct place by a click.
  • To add an atom that is not a carbon, select its symbol by a click in the vertical bar of the menu, then put the element at its correct place by a click. The X icon can be used to enter an atom not found in the menu (Si for example). To replace a heteroatom by a carbon, click on the symbol C, then on the heteroatom.
  • The FG icon proposes some functional groups (such as carboxyl).
  • Click on a single bond to change it to a double bond.
  • To delete a bond or an atom use the icon X. Careful! The icon clean effaces all the elements on the editor, even the pre-established structures. To cancel your last action use the icon undo
  • A molecule may be moved by dragging free space in front of it.
It is not necessary to put C and H atoms, charges and stereo. However a complete formula will appear in the answer.

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