Data General interest science topics

Le module Data General interest science topics (data/english/scienceslisten1.en) est une collection d'audio utilisée dans le module d'exercices OEF Listening general interest science topics.

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Weight, Exercise, and Diet Have Key Role in Preventing Cancer
By Art Chimes 
Washington, DC
01 November 2007

Dangerous Algae Bloom Threatens Chinese Lake
By Joseph Popiolkowski 
Hong Kong
08 June 2007

Maternal Health Conference Opens in London
By Tendai Maphosa 
18 October 2007

Stem Cells Normalize Behavior in Monkeys with Parkinson's
By Rose Hoban 
15 June 2007

Sleep Deprivation Plays With Our Emotions
By Rose Hoban 
02 November 2007

Stem Cell Breakthrough Announced Amid Fierce Debate
By Michael Bowman 
07 June 2007

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